Tongkat Ali 400mg

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Tongkat Ali Extract 1:200 The Highest potency and most concentrated extract. Increase Testosterone Production Naturally – Boost Libido


What is Tongkat Ali?
Scientific research into Tongkat Ali suggests that this herb is able to stimulate your body’s own natural production of testosterone. This product doesn’t contain testosterone! as a result of it works together with your body’s own natural production system, it’s 100 safe and natural. Tongkat Ali’s tremendous benefits are recognized for hundreds of years by practitioners of traditional medication in Asian country. beside raising your libido, Tongkat Ali may also boost your energy level and mood throughout the day.


Benefits of taking Tongkat Ali:
Support general health and vitality
Support sexual drive in men
Support healthy energy levels
Support healthy blood circulation
Naturally support normal testosterone levels


Uses and Pharmacology:
Promote Sex drive as main usage
Tongkat Ali is known to support naturally healthy testosterone production levels.


For fatigue support and other common health ailments – Take 3 times a day, 1 capsule
Increase libido and sexual function – One to two times per day, 1-2 capsules
Bodybuilders whose concern is to support healthy testosterone levels – Three times a day, 2 capsules

Each bottle of Tongkat contains 60 x 400mg capsules 1:200 Indonesian Tongkat Ali Root Extract.
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